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Welcome to Bonenomics

Welcome to BoneNomics -  The hottest new Token on the SHIBARIUM chain, Soon to be an integral part of an ever expanding ecosystem ! Bonenomics is a a dynamic token that rewards you in Shibarium BONE, giving you the option to purchase more $BONES or create an additional passive revenue stream. Our developing ecosystem is thoughtfully designed to support each other and maximize returns individually!

BoneNomics starts with a solid but low liquidity pool to ensure maximum returns. Let's take a look at the tokenomics:

- Total Supply: 100,000,000,000,000
- Total Tax: 6%
- Liquidity: 1%
- Burn: 1%
- Marketing & Development: 1%
- Bone Rewards: 3%
-CA: Coming soon


With these exciting tokenomics, Bonenomics is set to offer you a thrilling journey filled with prosperity and potential gains. Join the Bonenomics revolution now and get ready to experience an amazing ride!

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